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dc.description.abstractThis is the second edition of the UN Military Manual (UNMUM) for Military Aviation Units and it provides field commanders and their staffs a guide for planning and conducting military aviation operations in support of United Nations peacekeeping operations. UN Headquarters and Field Mission staffs will find this manual an essential reference for planning, generating and employing military aviation assets for military operations in support of UN Missions. New components contained in the manual include Tasks, Conditions and Standards (indicators), an example of the Letter of Assist as well as the incorporation of Unmanned Aerial Systems and Attack/Armed Fixed Wing Units considerations.en
dc.titleDPO 2021.04 United Nations Peacekeeping Missions Military Aviation Unit (Manual)en
dc.typeGuidelines / Manualsen
undr.cluster.bodyDepartment of Peacekeeping Operationsen
undr.cluster.bodyDepartment for Field Supporten
undr.cluster.topicPeace and Securityen
undr.contributor.corporateUN. Department of Peace Operationsen
undr.contributor.corporateUN. Department of Operational Supporten
undr.subject.corporateUN. Department of Peacekeeping Operationsen
undr.subject.corporateUN. Department for Field Supporten
undr.subject.dpkoAIR TRANSPORTen

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