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dc.description.abstractThe aim of these training materials is to offer Troop-Contributing Countries a ready-to use training package, UN-CIMIC Specialized Training Material (STM), including a set of scenario-based exercises, to help in enhancing integrated planning and better coordination of day-to-day business and challenging situations that require appropriate interaction between civilians and military. ss* This Training package is designed for application in pre-deployment training, but could also serve as background material to be used in an induction or an on-going training in the field if the necessary adaptations are made.en
dc.titleSpecialised Training Materials on UNCIMICen
dc.typeSpecialized Training Materialsen
undr.cluster.bodyDepartment of Peacekeeping Operationsen
undr.cluster.bodyDepartment for Field Supporten
undr.contributor.corporateUN. Department of Peacekeeping Operationsen
undr.contributor.corporateUN. Department for Field Supporten
undr.subject.corporateUN. Department of Peacekeeping Operationsen
undr.subject.corporateUN. Department for Field Supporten
undr.subject.thesaurusPEACEKEEPING OPERATIONSen
undr.subject.dpkoMILITARY ASPECTSen
undr.subject.dpkoTECHNICAL TRAININGen
undr.contributor.dpkoDPKO-DFS/DPET/Integrated Training Serviceen
undr.keywordsmilitary, United Nations, peacekeeping, civilian, cooperationen

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